SSHBEA Rule Book Changes/Deletions (Feb. 14, 2011) 
(Please Read)

Chapter 20

20.16 –General Guidelines for Showmanship (at halter)

  •     Pg. 63 Rule 20.16 – delete paragraph E.
  •     Pg. 63 Rule 20.16 –change paragraph F to read:  It is mandatory that Show Management post the pattern at least one (1) hour prior to the commencing of the class.  All exhibitors will initially execute the posted pattern; however, if the judge chooses to bring back exhibitors for consideration of final placing, the final pattern need not be posted and all exhibitors competing for final placement will execute the same final placement pattern.
  •        Pg. 63 Rule 20.16 – delete paragraph G.
  •        Pg. 65 Rule 20.17 R- change paragraph R to read:  Horse is not to be touched. (deleted the remainder of the paragraph).  In order to be in compliance with the USDA’s guidelines to be a HIO (Horse Industry Organization), it is mandatory as set forth by the USDA that the SSHBEA follows the guidelines of the USDA Horse Protection Program Points of Emphasis Protocol.  The Points of Emphasis are being provided to you for your information.