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S.S.H.B.E.A. is a Non-profit Registry representing the
Spotted Saddle Horse.

S.S.H.B.E.A. Affiliates horse shows, licenses judges, approves designated
qualified persons, and establishes official rules for registering and
showing of the Spotted Saddle Horse.  

S.S.H.B.E.A. Promotes all disciplines and has programs which cover
many disciplines.
Performance division promotes the showing of the gaits of our breed
Sport Horse division promote the versatility events including trail,
cattle, & speed events.
Trail program- Includes Distance Awards and a Trail Rider of the
Year Program.
Outreach Incentive Program- Awards for almost any discipline
when showing outside of the breed.
Youth Council- Promoting Youth in our Breed
Ladies Auxilary- Fellowship and Serving our breed is their main goal
( No invitation required to join)

Other major promotional activities include, but are not limited
  • Participation in state and regional horse fairs
  • Development of and participation in state and regional spotted
    saddle horse clubs and associations;
  • Development and implementation of educational programs and
  • Organized trail rides; and
  • Presentations of 4-H achievement awards.

These activities have enabled the S.S.H.B.E.A. to grow from its humble
beginnings in Shelbyville, Tennessee to a national organization with over
25,000 registered horses.

Please explore our site to learn more about the Spotted Saddle Horse
and upcoming events!
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2014 & 2015
World Grand Champion
S.S.H.B.E.A. Sport Horse
Virginia LaFlamme
World Grand Champion
Johnathan Cantrell up
Owned by : Tony Brewer
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