Bio’s for the 2024 Election for Officers and Board of Directors

Bio for Shawna Walker Farmer:

Hi, my name is Shawna Farmer, and I have served for the past year as your SSHBEA
President. My foundation in SSHBEA was laid as a child, and my involvement has continued to
grow since that time. Over the years, my family and I have been avid supporters of the SSH
through breeding, showing and trail riding. I have served on the Board of Directors and been an
active member of the SSHBEA Ladies Auxiliary for many years. During my time on the board, I
have served on the judges committee, hearing committee, fundraising committee and pleasure
horse committee to name a few.
As president, I set some goals this past year for the association and was blessed to have
several individuals step up to help accomplish them. First and foremost, our bylaws were in
serious need of being updated to ensure that we are operating in the best interest of the
association—financially, technologically and altogether professionally. It might not seem like a
big deal, but to have these items on the ballot for the entire membership to vote on, is huge. I
look forward to seeing the feedback of our members and to be able to move forward accordingly.
As I have stated in the past, I truly believe what makes the Spotted Saddle Horse so special is the
“rail to trail” quality, and I desire to see ALL facets of our association flourishing. This is why
one of my main goals over the past year has been to see the Sport Horse and Trail Riding
divisions of SSHBEA revived. With the help of some key individuals, we have made a great start
in the right direction. There have been two great SSHBEA trail rides so far this fall that have
been successful fundraisers as well as allowing SSHBEA members to fellowship and enjoy their
horses and each other’s company in a stress-free environment. There have also been three Sport
Horse events take place which included a spring event, a trail obstacle competition in
combination with the Fall Show and fun/practice day. The Sport Horse Fall Championship is
coming soon! The bottom line is that the entire horse industry has taken some hard hits, and
SSHBEA was no exception. We simply need to take serious steps toward getting back to where
we need to be, and that’s what we’ve been trying to do.
Having said that, yes, I am proud of the progress we’ve made this year, but are we where
we need to be? No. There’s still so much that we need to accomplish. One of my main goals for
the coming year would be to add more shows, and I would love to see shows being utilized once
again by outside groups, teams, organizations, etc. as a fundraising opportunity. This would be a
win-win because it would allow for a growing number of SSHBEA-sanctioned shows without
the same small group of people trying to put them all on. The board is very united in this goal,
and we have some plans in place to hopefully see it happen. I also want to see all things YOUTH
continue to grow in the coming year. We did some special things involving our young people
during the Fall Show, but I want to see youth activities grow even more throughout the entire
year. I would also like to see new faces join our committees and judging panel. We need growth
in general. We need positive, motivated people that share of common goal of seeing our
association succeed.
I believe myself to be a person of integrity who values honesty, fairness and hard work. I
can honestly say that I have done my best to uphold these values and work toward the overall
growth and betterment of SSHBEA over the past year. I believe in our membership being heard
and well-represented. Whether you like to show, trail ride, compete in sport horse or you enjoy
breeding and raising our versatile horse: it takes everyone to be successful. I am so grateful to
each person who stepped up this year to contribute in any way possible. My utmost desire is to
see our association thrive, and I’ll continue to do my best to see that happen in the coming year.


Bio for Kevin Gilliam:

Hello, my name is Kevin Gilliam. I’m asking for your support for the election to the Spotted Saddle Horse
Board of Directors. I’ve owned Bayfield Farm in Oxford, NC for 25 years. During that time, I have
trained and shown many Spotted Saddle Horses. The spotted horse is a great horse for the rails and
versatility as well as the trail. I have served on the board before, managed our shows, and judged them
several times. I think it is time for a change. With our association growing and the decline in the
numbers of exhibitors in the spring and fall shows, I think there are ways to improve participation. I’d
appreciate your support in the upcoming election.


Bio for Tyler Herndon

My name is Tyler Herndon and I am running for a seat on the Spotted Saddle
Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association Board of Directors. I have been
involved with the Spotted Saddle Horse my entire life, from breeding and trail
riding to training, showing, and judging. Just this year I won my first World
Championship in the Amateur Novice Spotted Pleasure on my trail horse,
Memphis Raines. It was great to be back in the show ring and pushed me to want
to become more active in the organization.
Throughout my life, some of my fondest memories include the Spotted
Saddle Horse and I would be honored to sit on the Board of Directors for a breed
organization that has a fantastic past and an even greater future. I am a huge
advocate of growing our show numbers, but also growing our support for the sport
horse and trail horses of the organization. I humbly ask for your vote to become a
member of the SSHBEA Board. Thank you.


Bio for David McCann

David McCann
To the SSHBEA Membership
I have been a SSHBEA member for almost 5 years and hope to be able to bring fresh ideas and
leadership to our association. I have seen a lot of great things happen in our association since I
have been a member, but there are a lot of things I would like to see done differently. I personally
feel that it is time for new leadership to take us into a bright future. Shawna is doing a great job
and I hope to help make changes that will promote membership and awareness of the Spotted
Saddle Horse. I hope to be allowed to serve in this capacity.
J. David McCann
Spurs & Spokes Stables
Riceville, Tennessee